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Signature Programs

Environmental Studies

Kids in the Garden

City Kids students embrace environmental stewardship. Through our weekly outdoor field excursions students are immersed in a world of nature as they form relationships with the living non-human world. 


Tree climbing, snorkeling, crab-finding and birdwatching are experiences that connect our students to our planet. These are experiences that empower global citizenship and respect for all living things. Students learn to go into nature and leave it as good or better than they left it. 


This philosophy is led by our Environmental Director Paula Henson who works with all staff to incorporate lessons focused on sustainability and social responsibility.

Students Environmental Sustainability Pledge:

"I pledge to take care of my planet and the people, animals, resources, and plants that share the world with me. I understand that my impact on the planet is important. I will be a leader through my actions and make choices that create a healthier world for you and me."

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