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I joined City Kids LA School in August 2020 as a member of the Preschool Teaching Team.   I have teaching experience in both the United States as well as my native Venezuela, and have designed and taught several music-oriented educational programs that introduce young children to the world of music through games, stories, song, and rhythmic exercises.  One of my projects, "La Música Como Refuerzo del Aprendizaje," was recognized by the United Nations Association as an "innovative project for the development of children's intelligence," using songs and rhythmic games to teach preschool and kindergarten curriculum objectives.

I currently study Child Development at WestLA College, where I obtained my Associate Teacher certification and am pursuing my Associate in Arts degree  in Early Childhood Education.  I also holds a "Tecnico Superior" (equivalent of an Associate in Applied Arts) degree in Music Pedagogy from the Experimental Institute of Pedagogy in Venezuela.

When I am not working with children or music, I enjoy swimming and reading, and I regularly engage in meditation to maintain harmony between body and mind.

Preschool Teacher


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I am excited to join LA City Kids and get to know all of you and your wonderful children.

To start off, I would like to tell you a little bit about myself both personally and professionally. I am an L.A Native and have enjoyed growing up in Los Angeles. I graduated from California State University, Los Angeles and obtained my Bachelor's of Arts degree in Child Development. I have been working with children and families for 6 years now. I have worked as a tutor, an after school program leader and preschool teacher. The last 4 years I have been working as a Preschool teacher and I can say preschool is my favorite age group to work with. I would like to work closely together with you. I believe keeping an open communication is key to helping the children explore, learn and grow. If you ever need to get a hold of me for any reason I can be reached via Brightwheel.  I look forward to working with you and your children. 


 In my free time I enjoy gathering with my family and friends. I also enjoy the outdoors, dancing and traveling. 

Preschool Teacher


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Bio coming soon...

Preschool Teacher



Growing up in Beverly Hills, California as an only child, I was around adults almost all my life and that’s where I believe that my interested in the psychology of people grew.  I strongly believe that at a young age the foundation of a person is being is created.  I found school quite difficult up until college when I attended California State University, which is where I became interested in learning about children and graduated with a degree in Child and Adolescent Development.   I’ve had experience working with children in a variety of areas, including as a behavioral therapist with children with autism and as a lead Montessori teacher before joining City Kids LA. 


I enjoy working with children because it challenges me to think of ideas in ways to engage a child’s learning and allows me to have fun and act like a kid myself.  I enjoy working at City Kids because of the strong belief that children should experience and learn, not from within the classroom but from their environment and the world. 


During my spare time, I really love to hang out at home or with my friends, watching movies or going to dinner.  I enjoy traveling and learning the history and culture of other people and places.

Preschool Teacher


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Online Elementary Teacher



I am a multi-disciplinary artist from South Korea. My interest in education began while studying in the department of VAPAE (Visual and Performing Arts Education) at UCLA, where I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2017. City Kids has provided me with the opportunity to embrace and nurture the unique individualities of the children I work with. Their originalities inspire the projects and experimention that happen in the class, and I feel honored to participate in the growth of their creative potential.


I aspire to Paolo Freire's Pedagogy of the Oppressed in conducting a class that challenges the hierarchy between the teacher and students. Learning with students is as important to me as teaching itself, and I deeply enjoy interacting with them to ensure that the classroom is a safe space to explore healthy boundaries and creativities. 


In my spare time I like to read and write next to my feline roommate. I also enjoy visiting galleries and museums. 

Preschool Teacher



Denise is our out-going, positive, energetic, and dynamic Facility Maintenance staff member!  Her mission is to keep the facilities clean for our children every single day, and that is no easy job.  Rotating each day from facility to facility, Denise works with tireless devotion to ensure a clean and safe space for all our City Kids.

Facility Maintenance



I grew up in Sherman Oaks, CA, and moved to the Los Angeles area two years ago with my husband. We have two adorable girls 13 yrs old and a 1 yr old. I have a degree in Early Child Education, and I've been a teacher for 10 years. My passion for teaching started when I was fifteen years old, when I knew I wanted to work with kids. I love and enjoy working with kids of all ages, and I have learned so much from them and their passion for learning and exploring about the world and life. I'm also bilingual, I speak Spanish and English and enjoy sharing my passion of Spanish with the kids and everyone around me.  I enjoy interacting with the kids and getting to know them one on one, which is one of the reasons I joined City Kids. I love that the kids can express themselves in their own way and speak their mind. I love nature, and that really attracted me to City Kids. I've never worked at a school where you can have fun while teaching. When we as teachers are finding joy in teaching you can see a big difference in how the kids form a positive relationship with school.

In my spare time I love to be outdoors I enjoy camping, going to the beach , Truck-riding with my little family :) . My hobbies are cooking, shopping, arts and crafts, and decorating.

Preschool Teacher / Site Supervisor


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Bio coming soon...

Elementary Teacher



I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I’ve been a preschool teacher since 2013 in Los Angeles. Teaching is a passion for me. Listening and helping children to grow and express their imagination through project work is something I truly enjoy and it’s the reason I’m dedicated to working in education. I also learn from my students daily!  Each student is so uniquely different I get the opportunity to create new memories with all of them. Memories that will always stay with me.


I have been married for 6 years now and have 1 fur baby named Cheshire.  I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. On my free time I like to watch movies, watch DIY tutorials and go shopping.


“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge”. -Albert Einstein-

Preschool Teacher



I'm a Brazilian educator with over 12 years of field experience. Education has always been a passion and through these years I had the chance to work in many different areas and learn from each one of them. 

I have a Pedagogy degree with emphasis in Early Childhood and have a specialization in School Administration.  In Brazil, my last experience was working as a school counselor for Middle and High School students.​

I have been working at City Kids since June 2017 and it has been an amazing journey in which I grow professionally and personally every day.  It's incredible to see how our kids love to learn and take care of themselves, each other and the environment.​

In my free time, I love to travel (still pursuing the dream to visit all continents), and watch TV shows.

Elementary Teacher



I am proud to call City Kids my new home. Go City Kids!  

My first language is Spanish and my second language is English. I come from a central American family in El Salvador. My Education background is in Liberal Studies, with an emphasis in Child Development. I have been teaching for 9 years and teaching children has been my passion and dedication.

I work at City Kids not only because it is an amazing school, but because it allows children to be innovative learners and allows children to learn through many different learning styles. Our school is filled with exciting learning activities and new adventures every day! I look forward to instilling in your child the same great love for learning that I have been developing over the years. One of my hobbies is painting! I love art. I am also a Makeup Artist. It’s fun to express your creativity!

Preschool Teacher & Social-Emotional Learning Coordinator


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I was born in Sweden, raised in England, and inspired to move to California as soon as possible after my 30th birthday. I knew after a college trip around the US that I belonged in the land of opportunity rather than the land of the stiff upper lip.


I knew that I wanted to be a teacher by the time I was seven years old. What I didn’t know back then was how multifaceted my career as an educator would be.  I have taught in private and public schools in England and Los Angeles, and Jewish day schools in Los Angeles and New York. I have gone from teacher to graduate student to administrator and back again.


I have studied at some of the leading institutions in the world. I have my BA in Classics from Oxford, Masters degrees from the University of London and the American Jewish University here in LA, and a Ph.D. in Education and Jewish Studies from NYU. My doctoral research was in the area of reflective practice as it pertains to mentor teachers who need to explicate their pedagogy to their mentees.


In my years in the classroom, I have marveled at how connectedness between subject areas strengthens children’s capacity for critical thinking. This is why the integrative, collaborative approach of City Kids is so appealing to me. I also believe in differentiating for interests as well as skills. I have built curriculum around children’s interests in hamsters, the hotel business, Disney characters and more.


My daughter Maxine is my greatest teacher, and as excited as I am to join the City Kids community. Together, my husband my daughter and I enjoy hiking, trips to the beach, learning innovative dance moves and gymnastics routines, and making dioramas out of recycled materials. 

Elementary Teacher



Bio coming soon...

Elementary Teacher


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Born and raised in Southern California, I grew up knowing I had a love for learning especially when it came to life, nature, and numbers. I graduated with my Bachelors of Science in Animal Science with a minor in Biology from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, while I was their feature baton twirler for the marching band. While there I found I loved not only learning and studying, but sharing it with others.

After college I went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida and did the Disney College Program followed by a Professional Internship with Disney’s Animal, Science, and Environment department as a conservation and animal educator. Not only was I able to share my passion there for animals, nature, and the wonderful work scientists do to help protect our Earth, I was able to make lifelong friends from all over the world such as Thailand, Indonesia, Africa, Japan, Canada, and India.


I decided then that education was my path and moved from Florida back to Southern California to teach outdoor science at an outdoor science school in Lake Arrowhead. It was great to be able to teach elementary students all about science and how math could be incorporated into it by making it hands on and nature based. I wanted to make it a mission to try and take these activities and experiential learning styles into the classroom environment, so I first became a substitute teacher for elementary, middle, and high school. During this time I started my teaching credentialing and Masters of Education program with National University.

In my spare time I am a baton twirling instructor, baton competition judge, and host announcer. I am a proud parent of a cat and two goats. I love Disney, surfing, snorkeling, running, animals, visiting museums, memorizing digits of Pi, and learning about genealogy and cultures. I am excited to watch the students engage, discover, question, and find out things that they find so interesting that get them hooked on being a lifelong learner.

Elementary Teacher



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