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CNN projected that by 2050 minorities will be the majority in America. Internationally, we live in a world where 405 million people speak Spanish compared to 360 million people who speak English. Technology has allowed major corporations to small family owned businesses to interact with consumers internationally. Why is this information important? It demonstrates how our world has become a global, interconnected economy. As educators and parents we must ask ourselves what skills our children will need to succeed in the 21st century. Cultural competence will be key for developing personal and professional relationships.

City Kids Global Education program provides a strong skill set for every child to feel comfortable and confident to engage with our increasingly diverse world. Our curriculum focuses on celebrating different cultures and traditions while instilling respect for all people. Through our interactive global school partnership program students will have the opportunity to meet kids from around the world and learn about their interests and life activities. Our global education learning is interwoven through our music, arts, and literacy activities helping to develop young global citizens.

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