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"History has shown us that courage can be contagious, and that hope can take on a life of its own." -M. Obama

History is intertwined with every subject and class at City Kids. Guided by state standards, learning objectives are chosen by teachers and linked to current areas of study.


In Preschool history is linked to our Global Education program as kids explore a new location in our world every month. They are introduced to many different cultures through art, music, food, and dance. Our goal is that our youngest students begin to recognize the vast diversity of people, animals, and places that make up our world.

Kids in the Museum


Elementary students dive even deeper into geography, civics, world leaders past and present, global communities and the history of the United States. 


To address the need for elementary students to interconnect time periods and chains of events through different subjects, City Kids created The Living History Complex, an interactive history timeline where students meet for class and connect current studies with events from around the world. The Living History Complex challenges students to explore inventions from different times, enjoy audio recordings of stories and poetry, and learn about world leaders both past and present.

Shinto Monument at the Park
Fort St.John
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