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Comerica's "Woman of Promise" awarded to Ryanne Plaisance

Ryanne Plaisance, Head of School at City Kids LA, is recognized at the Los Angeles Staples Center as a "Rising Star in her field or industry" and given the "Woman of Promise" award.


Spectrum News1 Report: Local Pre-School Promotes Financial Literacy

Spectrum News 1 interviews Ryanne Plaisance about City Kids' program for Financial Literacy starting in Preschool.


Not Your Mother's Podcast Featuring Ryanne Plaisance

NYMP interviews Ryanne Plaisance about "How to Raise Compassionate Children That Are Global Citizens and Socially and Emotionally Intelligent".

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Voyage LA News Article

Article written about Ryanne Plaisance and her journey to open a school which focuses its curriculum on global research regarding Early Childhood Education.

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