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Signature Programs

Spanish Immersion

Chalkboard with Different Languages

Children learn best by doing. For four to five hours each day students engage in interactive activities where Spanish is spoken 100% of the time. 


In Preschool students are dancing, singing, playing games, putting on puppet shows, and tasting new foods. They learn Spanish through repetition and from their very engaging teachers!


In Elementary school students’ classes continue to be highly interactive while focusing on writing and speaking in Spanish. Classes include film and video production, martial arts and health classes, script writing, cartoon voice-over work, and much, much more. 


Our students find joy in learning a new language while creatively expressing themselves.

For more information, check out Language Immersion [doesn’t link anywhere yet, but will on site] in the Curriculum section of our site.

City Kids School follows the World Language Standards of CA. Click here for more information.

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