"...the most powerful gift we can give our children is an environment where they can find joy in learning."

Welcome to City Kids!

"A few years ago my four year old came home crying because she received an unhappy face on her letter "R" worksheet. She spent the next two weeks practicing her letter R's until they were, what she called 'perfect'. Having worked as a teacher and administrator in both private schools and alternative schools I realized my daughter was experiencing a mindset in education that I had spent over 10 years working to change. The focus on our kids "getting it right" creates a rigid environment that loses focus on meaningful learning. I have come to believe the most powerful gift we can give our children is an environment where they can find joy in learning. Joyful learning produces curious kids who find their passion through intrinsically motivated moments of discovery. They embrace creativity and are not fearful of 'making mistakes'. They have learned that learning is a process and through hard work and innovation success is obtained.

I spent many years planning to open my own school where I could implement a curriculum that was conducive to creating joyful, lifelong learners. I wanted students to be appreciated for their individuality and given time to work at their own pace in a supportive and connected community that was committed to their social, emotional, and academic growth.

I'm excited to welcome you to City Kids. I invite you to come and visit for a chance to see our kids and teachers hard at play."    


Ryanne Plaisance, Head of School

“It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer. Most people say that it is the intellect which makes a great scientist. They are wrong: it is character.”  --Albert Einstein

About Us

City Kids is a place where parents, children, and early education experts partner to provide exceptional learning opportunities in a safe and nurturing environment that:

1) Promotes responsible citizenship and respect of people, things, and places
2) Fosters risk-taking
3) Is student-led and teacher facilitated 
4) Creates high expectations of students' goals and aspirations 
5) Values play, process, and partnership
6) Believes in the benefit of outdoor learning experiences

City Kids is a school that will challenge your kids AND nurture them, a place that will value them as individuals AND teach them to collaborate; a place where they will learn to read, count, write AND are encouraged to ask questions, explore, and create. City Kids values nutrition and offers a vegetarian diet in-line with USDA standards providing the energy and nutrients young bodies and minds need to grow and develop. City Kids spends 50% of school time learning outside in nature. They find joy in learning.


To create a learning environment that prepares students to become future innovators, globally responsible citizens, and mindful individuals while building a system that demands equality in education.


We are committed to providing a safe, nurturing and creative environment that emphasizes environmental responsibility, social-emotional learning, and offers global project-based educational experiences. We value diversity and actively celebrate individuality. We promise that every child will know they are valued at our school and in the world. We are devoted to implementing age-appropriate programs that are culturally relevant and tackle real-world problems with a commitment to helping our community.

Our Philosophy

  • Focus on the students and everything else will follow.

  • Play is messy … so get dirty.

  • Ask Questions, Seek Answers, Discover and Repeat.                                            

  • Take Risks

  • Our campus IS the city of Los Angeles.

  • Take the time to breathe… lots of time… in the grass rain or shine

  • Eating vegetables can change the world.

  • Go Barefoot

  • Create

  • Be Kind, Be Thoughtful, Be Generous, Be Open

  • Take care of our planet

  • Read Stories, Tell Stories, Listen to Stories

In an interconnected global economy, it is no longer 'what you know' but 'what you do with what you know'. In order to prepare our kids for 21st century living and working, we need to focus as much on the qualities of innovation as we do on the achievement of academic excellence. In a traditional classroom, you will find kids sitting in rows memorizing and regurgitating information for the sole purpose of passing their year-end assessments. This type of learning becomes limiting to students throughout their educational journey. Not only does this learning teach to only one type of learner, but it doesn't focus on the skills our kids need to excel in an emerging technological world. Our kids need to go beyond answering questions correctly merely to "get the answer right". They need to problem solve, think outside of the box, analyze and organize information. They need to figure out the questions that no one is yet asking. They need to discover and create.


So, how do we do this? How do we ensure that our kids learn beyond the basics of the common core standards and at the same time maintain a standard of academics? City Kids' focus is to provide every student with the skills and tools to become innovative learners. We are strong believers in the concept of Multiple Intelligences developed at Harvard University: stating that there are eight modalities of intelligences in which a person learns and can excel. Most adults and many students today are learning in classrooms where they are being taught in ways that are geared to only two types of learners: linguistic and logical-mathematic. Research confirms that we need to provide multiple strategies for learning to all students. When all the regions of the brain are activated knowledge is acquired through deep understanding leading to high cognitive functioning.  At City Kids, through multi-faceted assessments and behavior analysis, we create an individual learning plan (ILP) for each student. The ILP empowers families to make choices for their child around their education. When the student understands how they best learn, they can approach any subject matter with confidence. Additionally, when students are successful in their learning, they are able to find joy in their work. This is key to us at City Kids.


We know the relationship your child develops with learning today will define their relationship with education in the future. That is why we hold our values, mission, and philosophy to such high standards-- for your child to succeed.

Philosophy Explained

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