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Teaching our kids the importance of environmental sustainability is not only important for our planet but leads to long-term healthy living practices. City Kids incorporates eco-learning into our daily curriculum and provides an eco-friendly facility for our kids to learn in.

City Kids Eco-Learning Pledge

"I pledge to take care of my planet and the people, animals, resources, and plants that share the world with me. I understand that my impact on the planet is important. I will be a leader through my actions and make choices that create a healthier world for you and me."

City Kids Commitment to Providing a "Green" School Environment

  • Incorporate Eco-Learning into our daily curriculum

  • Waste-Free Lunch Program

  • Shoe Free Classes= No toxins from shoes enter learning spaces= less illnesses

  • Organic and natural food served daily

  • Only environmentally safe, non-animal testing cleaning products used on premises

  • Non-Toxic Art Supplies

  • Daily recycling program for children and teachers

  • Organic garden program

  • Turn off all electrical appliances and lights when not in use

  • On-line communications to save paper

Eco-Friendly Tips

Smart tips we use to stay green. We thought you and your family might enjoy them as well.

1) Recycle plastic, glass, paper, aluminum, electronics, and batteries. Ask our team how we can help you recycle some of those "trickier" items. 
2) Reuse- get creative! 
3) Reduce water usage by being conscious of turning running water off when not in use. 
4) Plant trees to release oxygen into the air
5) Use biodegradable items
6) Replace high wattage light bulbs with lower (fluorescent) wattage ones
7) Use both sides of your paper to write and color.
8) Don't burn leaves or trash.
9) Use green, environmentally friendly cleaning products.
10) Fix leaky faucets and toilets
11) Use rechargeable batteries
12) Buy local products or buy in bulk (they use less packaging). 
13) Use eco-friendly bug-spray and sunscreen. Keep your skin healthy and toxic free. Click here for natural products that received rave reviews from consumer search.

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