Money has value!

Our financial literacy program is a hands-on, interactive program that incorporates finances, math, entrepreneurship, and the humanities into your child's daily learning. At the age of three children are ready to learn that money has value and that it is earned. Our financial goals of the program follows the Money as You Grow initiative from the President's Advisory Council on Financial Capability. We have listed the rest of our program goals below which are in line with national preschool learning standards and the National Center for Infants, Toddlers, and Families. These goals are for children aged 3-6 years.

Financial Goals

1) Money has value
2) Money is needed to buy things
3) Money is earned
4) Saving is important
5) Wanted Items vs Needed Items

Mathematical Goals

1) Math of money: Identifying coins and bills
2) Basic Arithmetic (counting, adding, subtracting)
3) Number Sense: ability to see relationships with numbers and things
4) Problem-Solving
5) Patterns

Humanitarian Goals

1) Understand the concept of philanthropy (power of giving)
2) Teach empathy and compassion
3) Develop critical thinking skills
4) Increase self-esteem: empowers and supports kids to create positive change in the world

Entreprenuership Goals

1) Understand what a business is
2) Create a business 
3) Work in a team

Students are given opportunities to take on different city jobs daily at our school in which they are paid wages in City Kids money. Each child has their own savings account in our city bank and makes decisions on how they want to spend their money. They have opportunities to shop at our city store, save their money for larger items, or pull their savings with other students to buy exciting experiences such as a City Kids Pajama Party. Three times a year the money students have chosen to save for local non-profits gets matched by the school and a field trip is taken to donate funds to a cause the children have voted on (ie: local animal shelter). Students are taught at a young age that they are of value to our world and that their decisions can impact our world greatly.

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