Multiple Theory of Intelligences

Individualized Learning Plans and Assessment

Developed by Dr. Howard Gardner professor of education at Harvard University 
How does your child learn? Let's find out and provide them with the best start to lifelong learning.

Every child learns differently. Linguistic and logical-mathematical instruction are the most common methods used in schools yet it is only two of 8 intelligences that our children may possess. City Kids believes every child is unique and intelligent. It is our job to discover how each child learns and create a learning environment that supports every child's learning style. At City Kids we are devoted to your child and their success.

We conduct a range of behavioral, emotional, academic, and social assessments three times a year to ensure we are meeting the needs of your child and supporting their individual learning style. We include your child and partner with parents to create an individualized learning plan that guides our work and helps your child reach their full potential.



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