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City Market

City Market is stocked with fresh tomatoes, garlic, homemade bread and an array of organic produce. Kids enjoy role-playing while interacting with this hands-on center aimed at teaching community awareness, large and fine motor skills, literacy, math, nutrition, and social skills development. The City Market comes equipt with a fully working cash register that takes cash, credit and coupons, a realistic grocery cart, a food scale, and sale signs.

The United Nations room is a serene area filled with overstuffed pillows, natural sunlight, and opens up to our outside garden. It's a space where kids meet every morning to plan their day, discuss important matters, and hold their global education communications via our smart TV. The United Nations room houses over 100 of the 400 multicultural, character and skill building books available to our kids.

United Nations

The City Kids bank keeps every child's savings account safe and secure! Through our financial literacy program kids earn wages based on specific jobs they have chosen to take on. Some of these jobs include a Meteorologist, Chef, and Communications Director.


Science & Research Laboratory

Discover, invent, and create! This area houses fossils, rock formations, live plants, and everything a budding scientist needs to investigate the world around them. To support our young learners, weekly science experiments are conducted in this area as well as outside to build on skills and introduce new concepts.

Building & Planning

A multitude of building materials can be found in this area along with design paper and planning ideas. Through the study of different architectural structures found locally to internationally students are provided with specific project challenges as well as free time to create and imagine their own ideas. This centers focus is aimed at teaching collaboration, fine and gross motor skills, history, geography, and encourages imaginative play.

City Kids Publication House

City Kids Publication House produces a monthly kid-produced paper. The paper is filled with stories, jokes, and art brought to you by the busiest preschoolers around. Kids fall in love with the art of communication and gain confidence in their own language skills as they transition from sharing a story to writing their own story. The purpose of City Kids Publication House is to aid in the City Kids language development program which includes pre-writing and writing skills, phonological awareness, vocabulary development, narrative skills, and concepts of print.


There is a leak in the City Kids plumbing system. Kids must explore a twisted set of pipes, recycled bottles, funnels, and buckets to find the leak! They will be pouring, balancing, stirring, and dodging the magic of water as they work together to find the leak. Waterworks is an engaging and interactive sensory activity that provides ample opportunity for gross and fine motor skills development as well as creative play.

Makers Space

If you can imagine it you can build it. This area is a unique space for kids to tinker, design, build and repurpose. The space is filled with electronics and technology to explore, take apart, and re-build. On the shelves sit paint, pastels, crayons, jewelry making materials, cardboard tubes, feathers, and so much more! Kids use real tools to build real "stuff." The program focuses on developing patience, perseverance, collaboration, and innovation.

At City Kids Planet Sport, kids have the opportunity to race down our city streets on trikes, scooters, and cars. Traffic might be slowed when a car needs a wash or energy charge but traffic signs are clearly displayed to keep traffic running smoothly!

Off on the green, kids can be found hanging from the aerial swing, running soccer drills, or shooting hoops on our basketball court. However, some days it is nice to just hang with your friends while hulu hooping to music or playing jacks under the shade of a tree.

Planet sports provides countless opportunities for exercise, teambuilding skills, and gross motor skill development. The activities focus on building self-esteem, teaching competitive and non-competitive games, and fundamental movement and sports skills.

Planet Sport

Recycle With Us! Needed Items

  • Wine Corks

  • Yarn

  • Ribbon

  • Egg Cartons

  • Cardboard Tubes (toilet paper rolls, wrapping paper tubes ect..)

  • Broken or Old Electronics (DVD players, keybords, radios, electronic toys ect...)

  • Small wood pieces

  • 2 liter soda bottles

  • PVC pipe

  • electrical wire

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