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Our teachers and administrators are the backbone of our school.  In the classroom, they create a joyful connection to learning.  They are the people who ensure your child’s voice is valued.  They spend time building strong relationships with your child so they can cater to their learning styles and interests.  Your child’s success in school is directly connected to the professionals they spend time with daily.

When asked how we qualify potential teachers, we answer simply: “We hire the best.”  To do this, we look beyond the resume.  We look at who they are as individuals.  Do they model the qualities we want our children to look up to become?  Are they life-long learners?  What are their dreams and how have they worked to achieve them?

We are often asked how we qualify potential teachers.  What are the credentials we look for?  What degrees must they have?  How much experience?  We have high expectations for all our staff. Many of our teachers have quite impressive credentials including PHD’s, Masters degrees, and other certifications. Some of our teachers have been teaching for 15+ years and are exceptional educational leaders. Some of our teachers have come to us as experts in various fields and train with us to become phenomenal teachers.

All our teachers are selected through a meticulous screening process, all through the careful and thoughtful eye of our Head of School.  We also rely heavily on professional recommendations and previous experience-- not just in the Academic or Educational worlds but in their personal and professional endeavors.  In essence, we hire based upon the whole person, and the potential we see within.


We invite you to read our staff biographies and come meet them on a tour.

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