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Advisory Board Committees
Lunch Table

Annual Fund "Big Events"

The purpose of the Big Events Committee is to plan and execute all of the, well, big events we have at the school annually, including but not limited to the Family Weekend, the Holiday Party & Silent Auction, and the Children’s March.

Holding Hands

Community Cares (CCC)

The goal of the Community Cares Committee is to help meet the needs of families facing especially difficult challenges. If we raise money, it's to directly support a family. In the past, we have reached out beyond the committee for extra financial and meal support assistance and will continue that as needed.

Spaghetti Meal

Food to Table

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Residential Neighborhood

Community Outreach

The purpose of the Outreach Committee is to build relationships with the surrounding community to achieve school goals, starting with a two-pronged approach: 1) Identify the people/organizations we want to connect with 2) Reach out to neighbors and organizations to build mutually beneficial relationships.

All Hands In

Diversity & Inclusion

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Project Leads

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People with Masks

Parent Engagement & Mentor

The goal the Parent Engagement Committee is to connect the parent community through activities and social/virtual activities; support the teachers and help organize school celebrations.

Business Graphs


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Collecting Money


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