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I cannot write a review that will do this school, its teachers, the other parents, or the fantastic students justice. If you are looking for a school that will help your children become the best versions of themselves - look no further.  Or, no, please look.  I am confident you won't be able to find another school that can do as much for your child as City Kids can, but at least if you compare it with the other schools, as I did, you'll be even more confident in your decision. 

We feel so lucky every day that we get to send our daughter (and soon our son) to this fantastic learning environment. A little jealous of them, too.   

In preschool (and beyond) there is a huge focus on social-emotional intelligence, as well as fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and more - all through fun play-based and project-based learning.  Starting at 3.5 years old, the kiddos get to start going on field trips throughout the city... about twice a week!  They also learn about financial literacy, and they learn about a new country each month - even eating cuisines from that place. 

EVERY child gets a specialized learning plan based on what they need.  Every child. This is amazing. The individualized attention is spectacular.  And the classes are a ratio of 1 teacher per 7 students in preschool.  They really know your child.  It makes such a difference!  

The Spanish immersion component of the curriculum was the initial and greatest draw for us.  They speak only in Spanish with the children until after nap.  The children learn it so well, so quickly.  My daughter is 4 years old and speaks it well and understands it perfectly. Her English is also excellent (which is what we speak at home.) 

The food was a huge draw for me, as I don't particularly like to have to pack snacks and lunches every day of the week. (*I hate it.)  No need to do that here.  They feed them breakfast, lunch and a snack.  All vegetarian food, but they don't preach about it, it just is how it is, and it's served family style so all the kids are eating the same stuff at the same time.  

Time was also a huge draw for me.  You can drop off as early as 8am and pick up as late as 6PM!  I didn't find that anywhere else, unless I wanted to pay an additional fee after 4pm.  Not at City Kids! 

The extracurricular activities are awesome too.  My daughter learns aerial arts, and she's taken soccer and has even gotten to perform a little show at YADA (Youth Academy of Dramatic Arts) and more - all through City Kids.  They also go swimming for an hour each week at Lenny K at the JCC.  It's chaperoned by the teachers and by the actual swim instructors, and the kids wear float up vests, and are given pool noodles, etc.  They have a great time. 

The preschool location at Venice is basically like a children's museum.  There is a little market, and a hospital, and big twisty slide into a ball pit which is the "pool".  There is a light / shadow room for the kids above that.  Outside there is a sort of tree house fort thing over a huge sandbox (with a place to hose them off afterwards.) There is a huge aerial arts setup, and a "maker's space" in back where they can do art projects, sew, and soon even learn some woodworking.  There is a great library, too.  You sort of have to see it to believe it.

The school also has a huge focus on building community - with families meeting up on weekends, for the annual camping trip *I'm not a camper and I REALLY enjoyed it!*, family beach days, and more.  The other families and what they have come to mean to me and our family was a surprise that I wasn't expecting, but that I cherish. 

There is such amazing diversity at this school too - families from different socio-economic and racial backgrounds are part of our community. We have moms and dads, single parents, families with two mommies or two daddies - no matter who you are, City Kids is ready to embrace you AND your amazing little one(s).  

The mission of the school: To create future innovators, globally responsible citizens, and mindful individuals.

I see it happening already.  And I can't wait to see what these kids are going to accomplish in the years ahead.

Shana C.

Our daughter has been going to City Kids for over a year and we can't imagine there is a better preschool and elementary school available to her in the city of Los Angeles. 

From the moment we took the tour with Ryanne, the school's awesome and passionate founder, we found ourselves nodding along with all the progressive educational philosophies that they believe in and DELIVER on. Project-based learning: check. Weekly field trips to explore the great city we live in: check. Financial literacy education: check. Dual-language (Spanish): sure, why not - check. Individual learning plans tailored to our daughter: double check.

Designed for working parents, the school runs year-round, provides vegetarian breakfast, lunch and snack (we were failing miserably at packing her lunch at other much yogurt and string cheese can one kid eat?) and the school is open weekdays from 8a-6p.

Every week our daughter loves her aerial arts, dance class, yoga, swimming classes and dramatic arts - it's fantastic.

I could go on and on.

There is a revolution in education happening right now as we move away from the traditional, Industrial Age sit-at-a-desk-and-be-tested-on-lectures method that most of us were raised in and City Kids LA is leading the charge in raising intelligent, thoughtful, empathetic and emotionally-astute global citizens - we feel so lucky to have found them.

Todd H.

We had a checklist when we were choosing preschools:  Spanish immersion, academic excellence, diversity, healthy foods and extra curricular activities.  When my partner told me about City Kids and that they checked off ALL of our boxes, I was skeptical.  But are more than a year in and I can say that City Kids has not only met our expectations but exceeded them.  How many other preschools actually incorporate  global learning and financial literacy into the curriculum!?  
At four years old, I think my daughter may know more about the city of LA than I do (Lol) because they are on 2-3 field trips per week exploring the city.  From the Ballona Wetlands to the CA Science Center or the senior living facility they regularly visit, they learn math and science, about community service, about kindness and empathy and critical thinking skills.  
I also love that our daughter is treated as an individual who can learn at her own pace while at the same time being challenged to learn new and exciting thing about the world and about herself.  When I drop her off at City Kids every morning I leave with peace of mind knowing that she will be eating well (all organic meals and snacks!), playing in a fun but safe environment, and most importantly getting the best education available to her.  
But, the community of families at City Kids has been the biggest gift of all.  Ryanne (Head of School) has not only focused on creating an amazing learning environment but also creates a space where families can get to know and support one another inside and outside of school.  City Kids has an annual camping trip, family beach days during the summer and other events to help families connect.  So City Kids has been great for our whole family.

Neneki L.

It's only been 5 months and we can't imagine life without LA City Kids. Our 2.5 year old son is thrilled to go to school each day (which is a working parent's dream!) and he has grown so much -- one of our very favorite parts is getting a glimpse (via an app) of all the activities they do throughout the day. From singing to learning about different countries and aerial arts to identifying their own feelings, the school focuses on a full 360-degree education. The teachers are the absolute best - we talk about them at the dinner table each night. In a big city, LA City Kids has fostered a sense of community that we're so grateful for.  This school is truly a gift for our family.

Arden A.

The day my son started Kindergarten at City Kids, is the first time ever in LA, where I actually exhaled and didn't look back until pick up time. This school is amazing. They don't look at a piece of paper to learn about trees, but rather visit a national park. They use wood working/ building to learn math. They've built racing robots and created a ph balanced mini- fish pond with algae and other vegetation. Financial literacy is a huge part of the cirriculum and something I feel is extremely important but often overlooked in many educational facilities. The children here learn to earn, count and save/spend their money. They're learning global responsibility, and learning that they have a voice. Add to this - daily home cooked meals, Spanish Immersion, and super awesome dedicated teachers. Plus social and emotional development is never overlooked. We're grateful, happy and some days in disbelief that a truly enjoyable learning environment actually exists.

Sheree S.

Very happy we decided to send our child here. After reading the reviews of other parents I would totally agree with them, so no need for me to elaborate on everything they already covered.

Jack G.

City kids is amazing school! I am a picky mom when it comes to choosing schools and City Kids has the most well rounded education for pre-k and elementary. Their curriculum includes social-emotional learning, financial literacy, Spanish language immersion, and much much more. The teacher to child ratio is 1:7 which allows for adequate attention paid to each child. 

My daughter has been there for almost 2 years now. She is in elementary school where she goes on field trips almost every day. Her reading is at the 4th grade level and her Spanish is getting better. Now she understands when being spoken to in Spanish. I hope to keep her there as long as possible until she is fluent.

The curriculum aside, the staff is the other reason why I love this school. The parents and teachers all know each other. We are a tight knit group who share the same vision for progressive education. 

I could write an entire essay on why all schools need to be like city kids. Definitely check out the school website, schedule a tour, and talk to the head of school. You will see why I'm so excited about it.

Mandy M.

We cannot say enough about how wonderful City Kids LA is. The experiences the children have are phenomenal and in addition to become global citizens and learning educational (reading/writing/math) and life skills (financial responsibility/design and construction) they are learning a new language in the process. Our little Girl loves it and so do we!

Kelli H.

Great school, amazing staff, helping to teach our little one's to be mindful and kind, while encouraging them to explore, and nurturing their natural curiosity. Not the typical baby farm you see in Los Angeles, a refreshing take on education, and sustainability. The only place I feel comfortable leaving my little guy. I appreciate this school so much.

Phil C.

I can't say enough great things about City Kids. My daughter is learning spanish, she cooks, she is cognizant of all the animals, she like to plant....and of course, her reading, her math, her artwork and her socialization are all on par!  I love that they incorporate social emotional learning into the daily curriculum and overall it has been the best experience for our family.  

Thank you City Kids.

Michelle A.

We LOVE City Kids! We were hesitant to send our daughter to a daycare program or school setting for many reasons, especially before she turned two, but we were almost ecstatic and beyond relieved to find City Kids. Our daughter has been enrolled since May of this year and we honestly cannot say enough positive things, or frankly, don't have the space in what Yelp allows to do so... We toured and talked to MANY other programs and schools and were always hesitant and/or turned off for some reason - places turned us away for being vegetarian, would not give a sense of tuition until we took the time to tour the school and meet with them, some places had overly structured days or strict disciplinary practices - but the minute we walked into City Kids, we felt a sense of peace. Literally. This place is SO peaceful. They have a robust, multi-faceted program and a really brilliant and creative curriculum... While still allowing these tiny humans to be kids. The bond with the teachers and friends our daughter has made over the last 5 months are so profound that she regularly tells us at home that she wants to go to school on the weekends or "I love Teacher Ryanne/Myra/Eloisa" etc. Additionally, we are thrilled with the school's focus on nutrition. We have a strong focus on nutrition at home and were concerned that we would not find anywhere that would include this in their daily structure - but the children are served well-rounded, nutrient-rich vegetarian meals daily and us parents get a peek inside to the meals and activities through an app that includes notes and pictures, daily. My husband and I are both full-time working parents and finding a school that didn't charge an additional daily or weekly fee for care after 3 or 4PM was proving difficult, but City Kids days end at 6 (or earlier if you prefer to pick up prior), which is built into the monthly tuition. All in all, finding a school for our daughter was one of our biggest stresses of 2016, but it's actually turned into one of our greatest accomplishments of 2016 that, LUCKILY, will be carried forward for future preschool and kindergarten years. While my husband and I could not be happier, the thing that matters most is that our daughter couldn't be happier either.

Acasia V.

After an extensive search, we found City Kids and are SO grateful that our daughter attends such an amazing school. Ryanne and her team are amazing educators - turning every day play into learning opportunities. They offer amazing programs: financial literacy, global learning, etc. - all through fun play! (They also serve amazing homemade food.)

Emily D.

Our son loves going to City Kids. Ryanne and the whole staff are excellent. They are full of warmth, kindness, and tons of ability to engage kids' curiosity. Whenever I drop off or pickup my son the atmosphere just feels right; an emphasis on fun, learning, and cooperation. There's always great communication about what all the kids are doing together, and about the daily successes and challenges my own kid experiences. City Kids also serves the kids healthy food that my son loves.

Chris C.

City Kids has helped my child learn to be both an independent learner and a member of a caring community.  She loves every moment of her day, and frequently fights my efforts to take her home when the day is done!  She is empowered throughout the day to follow her interests and passions and to work out conflicts confidently and kindly when they arise.  City Kids offers exactly what I was looking for in a preschool!

Jenny O.

I can not say enough fantastic things about City Kids Preschool.  My husband and I toured school, after school, until we found City Kids.   The teachers are amazing.  The school is warm and smiles and fun are being had everywhere.  My children adore the teachers and love going to school.  It is important to me and my husband that our children spend time outdoors.  City Kids incorporates a lot of teaching that is done outside.  Each child learns at their own pace and in way that is individually tailored for each child's needs and interests.  City Kids has many unique programs such as global education, Spanish immersion, financial literacy, cooking (my son now loves to cook at home) and even school field trips to enhance the curriculum.  We are so thankful we found City Kids Preschool.

Kate B.

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