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Signature Programs

Visual & Performing Arts


Imagination makes the impossible possible. It is the key to creativity and knowledge implementation.


Imagination allows us to dream. Creativity brings us to the highest form of critical thinking. Knowledge provides us with the information to create.

At City Kids, creative arts is at the foundation of our curriculum. We explore history through visual art, languages through different forms of media, and math through music. We provide an environment that encourages the development of imagination in all of our activities. Through this work kids uncover their passions. They connect to people and places both near and far, developing cultural competences and increasing social and emotional intelligence.

The following is a list of creative arts classes offered at City Kids both daily and weekly:

  • Visual Art

  • Aerial 

  • Dance: tap, hip-hop, ballet

  • Theatre: Partners with The Youth Academy of Dramatic Arts

  • Music Classes

    •   Instrumental Lessons in Piano/Guitar

    •   City Kids Chorus

    •   Music Theory

    •   Music Composition     

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