Adam Lutz

Substitute Teacher

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Byron Jose

Substitute Teacher

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Emilia Scott

Substitute Teacher

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Izzy Johnson

Substitute Teacher

I am originally from Columbus, Ohio and moved to Los Angeles in 2018. Growing up in the Midwest, I spent a lot of time playing outside, constructing rich imaginary worlds both with my friends and alone in my backyard. As the only child of an English professor and a librarian and who spent a lot of time around adults on a university campus, teaching was something I had always considered but did not pursue until college. In my first semester, I taught a photography class to middle schoolers and began working in a gallery where I primarily gave tours and planned activities for elementary school children. After receiving my BA from The Ohio State University, I moved to Los Angeles where I continued to mix my passion for art with education by becoming a museum docent. I love how naturally inquisitive children are and nowhere else have I found that to be more true than at City Kids! I look forward to expanding my role as an educator and becoming a part of this vibrant, welcoming community.     


In my free time, I enjoy cooking, film photography and exploring the city on foot. I live in Koreatown with my two cats.

Katie Pullen

Substitute Teacher

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Maria Montes

Substitute Teacher

​I was born and raised in Mexico City. I migrated to the US and enrolled in my local college to take child development classes. I learned about children’s curriculum and their development. I’ve been working with children for many years, about fifteen to be exact. After working one-on-one with children, I wanted to be in a group setting to help multiple children expand their development.


 My first language is Spanish and I very much enjoy sharing my culture and experiences with others. While I have no children, just two nieces, my passion for working with children stems from our bond as they’ve grown up. 


I look forward to the school year and all the wonderful memories we’ll be making.

Rebecca Tiongson

Substitute Teacher

​I was born and grew up in the city of Manila, Philippines. I studied at St. Paul College where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. Married for almost 40 years now, I have a son and three daughters who are all degree holders and are professionals in their respective fields of work. I am also blessed with four granddaughters.  In my free time, I love to sing, listen to music and dance. I also enjoy cooking especially Spanish dishes like Paella and Callos.

I have been teaching for 15 years now and have been a teacher at Pilgrim School and St. James' school in Los Angeles. Early on in 2017, I had the opportunity to be introduced to City Kids School and I was fortunate to be offered a teaching position at a school that encompasses everything I believe our kids deserve. I have enjoyed every moment working at this school with this community.  The working environment is great and my co-teachers are fantastic, very accommodating and so helpful.  I have always loved preschool teaching and treat the children as my own grandchildren.

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