Book Your Child's Extracurricular Activities

Select the activities below to which you would like your child to participate!  

Each "class" (activity) is sold as a package (typically 10-14 weeks), and no child is required to participate. Parents may choose to participate in each activity by clicking on items displayed on the calendar below.  *Please make sure that the class you are registering for is available at the location which your child(ren) is attending.  

Packages are sold as a single item and there are no pro-rates or refunds for missing sessions.

Why is there an extra fee for these classes?

We believe parents should not be nickled-and-dimed for every service available in our school, and we are strong believers that each child should receive the full benefit of our programs for the price of tuition.  Yet, in some cases, not all parents are interested in specific programs for their children and can feel it is unfair to pay for unwanted services.  And while we wish to avoid the complication of having each family pick-and-choose individual programs for each child, some unique programs can be singled out.  In these cases, the fee is directly proportionate to the amount spent on either an outside Vendor or program materials.



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