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Founder's Welcome

We began, as so many other families, with a search for an amazing school for our own 2 year old daughter.  And just as it was for so many others, it quickly became apparent that this was no easy task.  There seemed not to be enough schools and certainly very few that had all the programs we wanted for our child, ones that we could afford, and especially ones that had any availability within a year's time.  It was a maddening experience.  We found that we had to lower our expectations to find a location that seemed relatively safe and that our child would be at least loved and cared for.  We settled, but because we sadly felt we had no other options.


It wasn't until our second daughter came onto the scene that our relative comfort suddenly changed.  We placed our 1 year old daughter in the only childcare we could find-- a small childcare in an apartment building in Mid City.  After several months, the childcare was suddenly the center of an investigation by the State and was swiftly closed for charges of "neglect".  The emotions of guilt, anger, outrage, and ultimately shame overwhelmed us as new parents, believing we should have somehow known or sensed that something was wrong all along.  But it was also in this moment that we decided it was time to take a daunting step that we had long dreamt but never dared to attempt: to launch our own school.


With Ryanne's many years in the Education industry and with my many years of business and data analysis experience, we planned and saved for years to launch this empowered dream.  In October 2015, we both left our secure jobs and launched City Kids LA School from our home in Mid Wilshire.  Our primary goal was to implement all the extraordinary, innovative, and progressive programs we longed to have, and to build a curriculum and philosophy that are supported by many decades of research from across the world.

From our modest family childcare with a handful of families from the living room of our house, we rapidly grew into an extraordinary community of over 100 amazing families in just a few years.  Our singular ambition to build upon an educational model which focuses on 'joyful learning' has drawn the attention and imagination of families all across Los Angeles looking for a program that stretches beyond the old boundaries of standardized education.  We do not 'teach to the test' but guide young students to learn what motivates, excites, and inspires them to connect learning in a meaningful and powerful way.  Human beings are natural explorers, driven by curiosity and innovation to develop their lives, achieve dreams,  and to help one another.  By tapping into what motivates us, we access the ability to become inspired to learn as much as possible-- not to simply pass a test but to explore, discover, create, and invent.  To test the limits and discover for ourselves what is possible.  Our goal at City Kids is to unveil how each child learns by tapping into their interests and passions, thereby crafting a learning plan based upon those passions.  This is joyful learning, and it is deep and lasting. 

We are so pleased to introduce you to City Kids LA, and we invite you to learn more about the work we do and join us in this exciting adventure!

Paul Conway


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