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Reading Storybook

Literacy & 

"Once you learn to read, you will be forever free." 

Literacy is the foundation of every other subject. It unlocks opportunities. It connects people globally. It gives every student a voice and the knowledge to understand the world they live in.



In Preschool our goal is for children to fall in love with reading. We create a literacy enriched environment filled with stories from all over the world and teachers who always have a book to share.

As students graduate to elementary school, we work with them individually and in small groups to increase reading comprehension, vocabulary, writing skills, language acquisition, and to build their confidence. We offer many different programs to support students’ reading and comprehension skills from whole language instruction to phonics-based programs such as Lindamood-Bell. We have found that most students need a balance of both instruction methods to become strong readers.

Kids Reading Book in Park
Girl Reading a Book

We also understand that not every student learns the same way and we are committed to ensuring that every child develops into the strongest of readers through developing an individual program with your child that includes:


  1. Literature of each student’s choosing as well as books specially chosen for them based on reading level and interest 

  2. Small reading groups 

  3. 1:1 reading instruction 

  4. Daily time for reading out loud

  5. Interactive literacy programs that offer students multiple learning strategies that increase vocabulary, spelling, writing, and comprehension

  6. Writing workshop where students write their own magazines, learn photojournalism, and create published works to share

Happy Kids with Books
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