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Developing healthy eating habits begins in early childhood. At City Kids, children learn the magic power of food. It's exciting to discover that tomatoes help make your heart strong and kidney beans are not only shaped like kidneys but help keep your kidneys healthy.

City Kids offers wholesome and organic food at every meal to nourish your child's mind, body, and spirit. Children help make fresh juices from an array of vegetables and fruits including carrots, kiwi, and spinach every morning. Juicing becomes a laboratory of discovery for our kids as they try new foods and experiment with new recipes. Breakfast and lunch are times when children learn basic cooking skills and find pride in seasoning soups, making salads, and discovering their love for different foods and flavors.


Our menu offers fresh vegetarian options that are seasonal and locally purchased whenever possible.

Meals are a very special time at City Kids. It's a time when our school community comes together and shows gratitude for the special people and events in our lives.

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