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Signature Programs

Global Education

City Kids Global Programs aspires to deepen students’ curiosity, respect, and experiences to fully embrace their role as a global citizen. The programs we offer are centered on helping students develop into knowledgeable adults committed to equality and justice for all humanity. Our students embrace diversity and find meaning in building relationships with people who have different traditions and beliefs.

Our programs include Global Scholars, National and International Travel Society, Youth Philanthropy Project, and a collaborative global curriculum interwoven into PreK-High School classes. These experiences provide students with the insight and guidance they need to develop global citizenship in an increasingly interconnected world.

Global Destination

Every month City Kids takes students on an imaginative exploration of new and exciting places across the globe. They travel virtually from the Arctic to Africa, by plane, boat, or train to explore new cultures, music, and people. 

The City Kids’ school chef finds spices and recipes from around the world to incorporate into students lunches so they can see, taste, and smell aromas from around the world. A wide range of diverse books are integrated into every classroom and discussions and debates can be heard from students who don’t shy away from tackling topics that are both thought-provoking and challenging.

Global Scholars

City Kids students who have demonstrated a serious interest and achievement in global studies while at City Kids through coursework, language study, community service, and travel are eligible to earn this certificate starting in 5th grade.

National & International Travel Society

City Kids offers national travel experiences starting with students in the 4th grade. International trips begin in 8th grade, connecting our students’ community service and philanthropic projects to our sister school in Costa Rica as well as to countries in South America.

Youth Philanthropy Project

City Kids Youth-In-Action class annually partners with community foundations which allows students to research, pitch, and be granted funds to see their project come to life and making a direct impact on our world. Enabling our students to learn about philanthropy hands-on gives them direct access to understanding and building relationships as they develop into global leaders. This program begins in 5th grade.

The World is our


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