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Chalkboard with Different Languages

¡Que tengas un buen día!

In our globally connected world it is increasingly important for our students to have confidence in communicating across cultures in a meaningful and respectful way.

Spanish Immersion

The best way to learn a language is to be fully immersed in it. At City Kids, our preschool and elementary school students spend four (4) hours a day on average in our Spanish Immersion Program. 


​The earlier a child learns a second language the better they will master pronunciation and intonation. Studies show that children between birth to age 7 have the easiest time learning a new language. At these ages a child's brain is the most flexible, allowing for a rapid growth of complex connections. As children continue to grow, however, the connections in their brains which are not being developed are pruned. If, instead, those connections are nourished, the brain will continue to develop in those areas of focus making learning a second language later in life much easier.

Teacher and Pupil
Day School Teacher

The foundation for language immersion programs is modeled after how most people acquire their first language. Infants first build their receptive (listening) vocabularies before mimicking these sounds to create words, which eventually leads to advanced fluency. Children are innately motivated to learn the language being spoken to them in order to communicate their needs and wants.

The benefits of a child learning a second language have been linked to increased critical thinking and problem-solving skills, higher scores on both verbal and mathematical standardized tests, greater creativity, global competency...and the list goes on.

City Kids School follows the World Language Standards of CA. Click here for more information.

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